QODEX - Cryptocurrency exchange engine

QODEX is our flagship cryptocurrency exchange engine product. Boasting lightning-fast performance and state-of-the-art security features, our trading platform integrates with leading blockchains and has been battle-tested on cloud and on-premises deployments.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Engine

World-class crypto trading engine designed for retail cryptocurrency investors and low-latency automatic trading systems alike.

Crypto and Fiat Currency

From Bitcoin to Ether to USD, QODEX has the capability to support both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. New digital assets can be added as necessary.


Built-in Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) services from some of the industry’s leading providers.

Exchange Liquidity

Cutting-edge, battle-tested technology providing both liquidity generation and market making services within the exchange.

API and SDK Integration

HTTP-based REST and real-time push Websocket APIs with SDKs for numerous programming languages. Automatic trading and market making strategies based on the algo-trading bot development kit connecting to various crypto exchanges.


Incorporated two-factor authentication (2FA) functionalities, hot and cold wallet integration, and direct SMS or email transaction confirmation support.

Key Benefits

  • Turnkey Blockchain Solution

    White labelled crypto exchange platform. From KYC/AML to advanced order matching capabilities, QODEX provides a seamless and comprehensive solution for building a blockchain-based asset trading exchange.

  • Unbeatable Customer Service

    Our diverse team of more than 300 financial technology professionals is at your service. With our combined wealth of knowledge and experience in developing exchange and trading solutions spanning over a decade, our insight lays the foundation for your crypto exchange's success.

  • Robust Security

    Security is of the utmost importance in the cryptocurrency exchange business. By using QODEX, you can rest assured that our exchange engine has been rigorously tested and optimized for maximum security. From two-factor authentication (2FA) to sophisticated hot and cold wallet management systems, QODEX offers peace of mind in knowing that your digital assets are safe at all times.


Our top-of-the-line cryptocurrency trading engine has been designed for retail crypto traders and low-latency automatic trading systems alike. With the capability of facilitating a trade in less than 50mks, QODEX can fulfill 10,000 requests per second with an average latency of under 10ms; running on medium-sized servers with up to 10,000 unique users trading simultaneously.

Less than 50mks capability of facilitating a trade

10,000 requests per second

10ms average latency

Up to 10,000 unique users

Beyond its exceptional performance, QODEX supports a wide variety of tokens out-of-the-box and makes it easy to integrate additional tokens and cryptocurrencies, increasing your crypto exchange's likelihood of achieving mass adoption.

What's more, our exchange engine comes with a built-in liquidity provider to ensure your crypto exchange has sufficient liquidity to attract users-from the moment you deploy the platform. How do we accomplish this? By integrating our proprietary CopyCat market maker bot which monitors competing crypto exchanges and requests similar orders on your platform, conveying natural trading activity. You can even add a small delta to the spread, producing incremental revenue for your exchange.

Admin Panel

To ensure complete control over your crypto exchange's operations, QODEX provides a user-friendly and flexible admin panel to manage users, assets, and instruments. Through the intuitive back office dashboard, exchange personnel can easily keep track of end user activity and modify exchange parameters.

Admin panel extensions are also available, allowing you to highlight key system statistics, deposit and withdrawal requests, logs and audits, and other valuable analytics.

Security and Wallets

With the aim of providing unparalleled digital asset security, QODEX boasts an advanced wallet management system comprising both hot and cold wallets.

Hot wallets are used to accept deposits and fulfill withdrawal requests. However, rather than leaving funds in hot wallets-which are available online and thus more susceptible to security breaches-for a prolonged period of time, QODEX continuously monitors hot wallet balances and automatically transfers excess funds to cold wallets. This automated mechanism offers an enhanced and highly efficient layer of security for your assets.

For optimal security, it is recommended that you employ hardware wallets to manage your platform's cold wallets. QODEX does not access your cold wallet(s) directly, but automatically sends excess funds to it per your threshold preferences.

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