White Label Exchange

Liquidity and Market Making

Digital Asset Management

Solutions for

Delivered as a service, off-the-shelf product or extensible solution together with source code.

White Label Exchange

  • Liquidity from selection of providers and exchanges
  • Customer fund insurance
  • Regulated, fully compliant
  • OTC trading desk
  • Margin trading
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Trading Platform

  • Web and mobile trading terminals
  • Limit, market, stop and algo orders
  • Trade on margin, borrow and lend digital and traditional assets
  • Digital asset custody and management
  • Extensible liquidity provisioning system with smart order router
  • High performance, scalable and modular system
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Liquidity and Market Making

  • Connectivity to over 100 exchanges and liquidity providers
  • Dynamic markup based on AI and machine learning models
  • Hedge positions with spot, future or cross correlated markets
  • Capable of making markets for new tokens and instruments
  • Connects to FIX, REST and Web Socket API's
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Digital Asset Management

  • Top 20 digital assets and tokens supported
  • Unified API across all blockchains
  • Regulation ready
  • Fiat gateways to banks and credit card processors
  • Rule based transaction processing policy
  • AI based fraud detection and risk management
  • Staking and token distribution
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Qoden Advantage

Safe and easy to use. Your funds and funds of your clients stored in a cold wallet disconnected from internet or with a custodian such as Garda World, BitGo, Kingdom Trust. When using our white label offering funds additionally protected by US broker-dealer insurance on top of insurance provided by a custodian.

Own your tech. No serious business can operate without owning it core technology. All our products come with source code purchase option. We provide additional custom development services if you need to change some aspects of our software as well as train your development team to do the same.

Easy integration into existing infrastructure. Deploying complex software modular system such as digital asset exchange often calls for integration with existing systems. Open, standard based and extensible API's allow mixing and matching Qoden software with other enterprise software such as CRM, ticketing systems, accounting, reporting, security monitoring and user directories.

Flexible deployment options, short time to market. Quickly rollup our solutions in any environment. Deploy in AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean or to your own cloud. Our systems can also work on VPS or colocated hardware. It takes just a week from a clean sheet to functional digital asset exchange or wallet management solution.

Scalable, Performant. Over 10 000 requests per second per CPU core with average latency of 10 ms and 50 ms at 95 percentile. Microservice architecture enables elastic scalability, different system components scale independently. When deployed in a cloud system can automatically adjust to incoming load by provisioning new resources.

Deep industry expertise. We've been building, deploying and operating systems in finance for over 10 years. We understand all of the complexity around our software be it regulations, security, compliance, KYC/AML, monitoring or integration. Our team can speak your language and provide software solutions that are sound from a business perspective.

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  • Trading terminal/UI
  • Liquidity aggregation from multiple liquidity providers OTC trading desk
  • Asset tokenisation platform
  • Secondary market for utility and security tokens

Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges

  • Trading platform
  • Matching engine
  • Liquidity for exchange's order books
  • Market making for new tokens and coins

Digital Asset and Token Issuers

  • Secondary markets for digital assets


  • Safely store and manage digital assets

Blockchain and fintech startups

  • As a foundation of their technology

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