Liquidity and Market Making

Solutions enabling cryptocurrency exchanges, banks, custodians, asset managers and payment processors to manage and transact with digital assets.

Order Book Building

Market Making

Liquidity Aggregation

Institutional Liquidity

Deepen liquidity through order book building

As part of its services as a liquidity provider, Qoden empowers its users with the ability to replicate order books from a variety of sources. This includes competing crypto exchanges, granting you instant access to liquidity.

Aggregate liquidity in order to empower your exchange

In order to provide your cryptocurrency exchange with easy access to liquidity, Qoden’s automated trading software monitors competing platforms and conducts identical trades through smart order contracts. Our services operate via an extensive network of leading cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity providers, aggregating liquidity in order to empower your exchange.

Market making and stability

In addition to providing immediate access liquidity, our services also provide your exchange with credibility, introduce a sense of stability to otherwise volatile cryptocurrencies, and help build a network of trust between you and your users.

Our Market Making technologies use a complex set of proprietory built algorithms using Machine Learning, Markovian models and high frequency trading principles to execute and deliver 24/7 at the push of a button.

Institutional liquidity

As a liquidity provider, Qoden further empowers your cryptocurrency exchange through the use of a pre-aggregated price feed informed by the industry’s leading financial institutions, traders, and liquidity providers. Our services are delivered through REST or FIX API. When combined with Qoden’s white label cryptocurrency service offerings, you can easily create a platform to resell liquidity or serve as a liquidity provider for your clients and trading desk. Our smart order routing prioritizes matching orders internally, seeking external options only when extra liquidity is required. Through our services, the equivalent of hundreds of bitcoin (BTC) can be traded on your crypto exchange in seconds without disrupting the market. Further still, our crypto exchange liquidity provider services are automated. This allows you to channel your focus on important areas like building your user base, while being able to take comfort in the fact that your exchange has constant access to liquidity.