Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

We offer a strong foundation for any type of financial application or trading platform. Our SaaS exchange software is designed with scalability, security, and flexibility in mind. As a result, our trading platform powers hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerages across the world.

Web and Mobile Terminal
Charting, Technical Analysis, Scripting and Expert Advisors

Liquidity Aggregator, Smart Order Router, Market Maker

Digital Asset Management module, all major crypto and tokens

OMS module, spot and margin trading. Market, limit, and stop orders.

High Performance Order Matching engine

Robust Technology Stack
.NET, Postgres, React, TypeScript, AWS, Docker

Web and mobile trader terminal

We offer modern, intuitive, and highly-customisable web and mobile terminals. Featuring:

  • Charting with technical analysis tools and indicators
  • Order entry and management
  • Integrated crypto and fiat wallet.
  • API independent, meaning our trading platform can be used with Qodex or any other API
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android

Liquidity aggregation.
Smart Order Router.
Market making.

  • Aggregates multiple price feeds from a variety of sources through our SaaS trading platform.
  • IEasily internalise trades, or split and route them to maximise profits through our exchange software.
  • Automatically convert price feeds into local currency.
  • Make markets in new pairs, even when liquidity providers are not ordinarily available.

Digital asset management and custody

Unified API to process transactions with any blockchain, bank or payment gateway. Can be used with trading platform or on it own.

Multiple payment methods. Cryptocurrency, token, bank wire, credit card or manual.

Compliant with digital asset regulations around the globe

Short term digital asset storage with built-in hot wallet.

Long term storage with a cold wallet or third-party custody.

Automated transaction screening, risk management and approval options.

Plugin based interface to connect new blockchains, banks and payment gateways.

Learn more about digital asset management solution here

Order management system with spot and margin trading

Our web and mobile terminals are modern, intuitive, and highly customisable. This offering enables you to:

  • Use a single account for both spot and margin trading.
  • Use all liquid instruments as collateral through your trading platform.
  • Limit, market and stop orders with multiple time-in-force settings and Self-Match Prevention.
  • Leverage our SaaS smart liquidation engine.
  • Benefit from our robust REST, WebSocket, and FIX API offering, with source code access.

High Performance and scalability

Less than 50mks to facilitating a trade

 10,000 requests per second

 10ms average request latency

Up to 10,000 unique users per medium server

Qoden’s cryptocurrency exchange SaaS and trading platform has been designed for both cryptocurrency traders and low-latency automatic trading systems. Our trading platform can fulfill 10,000 requests per second with an average latency of under 10ms, when running on a medium-sized server with up to 100,000 unique users trading simultaneously.

Simple and modern technology stack

.NET Core


Data store


Automated AWS
or on-premise deployment

Over 5 000 automated tests to keep API stable

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Pricing

The cost of our SaaS trading platform source code license varies on a case-by-case basis. In order to offer you a competitive price, we need to take into account your specific needs. In other words, the price of our SaaS offerings depends on whether or not we support a trading platform built from our source code, the amount of extra development work, the types of support and updates to the source code required, if we need to merge our updates with changes made by the client, and so on.

Web trading terminal
From $20 000
Mobile trading terminal (per platform)
From $20 000
Trading engine including order matcher and order management system
From $20 000
Unified blockchain and payments API
From $20 000