Digital Asset Management and Crypto Processing

Our blockchain payment solutions enable exchanges, banks, custodians, asset managers, and payment processors to easily manage cryptocurrency payments.

Supports cryptocurrency payments across all major assets and tokens

Unified API and merchant solutions offer a variety of crypto processing options

Secure and reliable blockchain payment solutions

Regulation ready and compliant

Automated transaction processing

Plugin-based extensibility

Major cryptocurrencies are supported

Qoden’s blockchain payment solutions support all popular coins and tokens. We offer unparalleled flexibility and are continually extending our offerings to support crypto processing across an even wider array of digital assets. If you are hoping to process cryptocurrency payments with a token that is not yet supported by our merchant solutions, simply contact us and we will integrate it into our infrastructure.



Bitcoin Cash










Unified API lets you access multiple payment methods

Qoden’s blockchain payment solutions provide a unified view of all payment systems through an easy-to-use API. Our merchant solutions support:

  • Token and cryptocurrency payments
  • Stable coins
  • Bank wires, ACH, SWIFT, and SEPA
  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and Amex
  • Payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe
  • Electronic money
  • Manual

Secure and reliable merchant solutions

The merchant solutions we offer utilize a unified API which is able to easily conduct crypto processing with any blockchain, bank, or payment gateway. This service can either be used with one of our trading platform offerings or function entirely on its own

Hot wallet
We offer an enterprise wallet which can instantly conduct crypto processing and handle live cryptocurrency payments.

Warm wallet
Our merchant offerings include a warm wallet which can be accessed by the admins and staff of your trading platform. These funds can be used for cryptocurrency payments if granted appropriate authorisation.

Cold wallet
Funds stored through our cold wallet offerings are secure and resistant to the majority of security vulnerabilities. These enterprise wallets are never connected to the Internet. Instead, your funds are stored via a:

  • Miltisig hardware wallet
  • Bank or dedicated custodian
  • Custody platform such as BitGo, PrimeTrust, FireBlocks, Kingdom Trust, GardaWorld, and more

Regulation ready
and compliant

Qoden inspected regulatory practices related to cryptocurrency payments and crypto processing in over 32 countries and designed a system which is compliant with current and upcoming government mandates. Our software can handle all types of cryptocurrency payments and offers blockchain payment solutions in a way that is both secure and compliant with regulators from around the world.

Automated transaction processing

A highly-trafficked exchange or payment gateway is tasked with processing cryptocurrency payments in the form of hundreds and thousands of transactions. Our blockchain payment solutions for merchants is designed to reduce back office pressure through the use of automated transaction processing. We offer:

  • Automatic crypto processing between enterprise wallets
  • Automatic risk management and limit monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring, inspection, and alert information
  • Easy compatibility with AI, fraud detection, and monitoring systems
  • Access to a full audit log

Plugin based

Qoden’s merchant solutions are equipped with a plugin-based interface which allows our blockchain payment solutions to be expanded with crypto processing support for an even larger array of digital assets. In just three easy steps, you can connect our interface with a new payment system in order to begin handling cryptocurrency payments via your desired asset. New payment systems automatically receive benefits such as our transaction processing practices, unified API, limits and risk management, and more.

Further, our crypto processing software is equipped with pull and push style APIs in order to make integration easier. Thanks to our superb API design, it takes just fifty lines of code to implement fault tolerant transaction processing methods.




  • Most popular blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum with ERC20, Bitcoin Cash, and LiteCoin
  • Bank wire for fiat deposits and withdrawals
Credit cards or Payment gateway integration
Additional blockchain from list of supported blockchains
Includes storage and computing fees
Additional blockchain or custody integration
Includes storage and compute fees
From $5,000
Bitgo cold storage
Source code access
From $50,000